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Aluman S31 sliding door

- Savings,
- Efficiency
- Aesthetics

S31 is Aluman's first sliding door system without thermal break, developed with three primary criteria: economy, efficiency, and aesthetics.

The S31 is perfectly suited for use as a sliding window, combined with the fixed panes of the DW50 system.

The S31 can also serve as a sliding door with a maximum door height of 3m, door width of 1.5m, and a door weight of 150kg.

Thanks to its EPDM sealing strip, the S31 provides excellent insulation.

The S31 offers a sleek and stylish design with various intermediate bar options.

Structure of Aluman S31 sliding door


EPS Fiberglass fire-resistant insulation core, increasing soundproofing capability threefold - manufactured in Germany / DIN EN 7863 - MADE IN GERMANY

Flag_of_Germany Aluman


The EPDM frame gasket, providing soundproofing, waterproofing, and impact resistance to the door leaf, is manufactured in Germany according to DIN EN 7863 standards - MADE IN GERMANY.

Flag_of_Germany Aluman


The EPDM door gasket inside, providing soundproofing and waterproofing, is manufactured in Germany according to DIN EN 7863 standards - MADE IN GERMANY.

Flag_of_Germany Aluman


EPDM door seal outside, soundproofing, waterproof - manufactured in Germany / DIN EN 7863 - MADE IN GERMANY.

Flag_of_Germany Aluman


Set of stainless steel 304 multi-point lock with extendable capability, anti-theft RC2 - manufactured in Germany / DIN EN 1634 - MADE IN GERMANY.

Flag_of_Germany Aluman


Multi-point lock with adjustable latch, connecting all points, anti-theft RC2 - manufactured in Germany - MADE IN GERMANY.

Flag_of_GermanyFlag_of_Germany Aluman


Sliding handle, lock on handle - manufactured in Europe - MADE IN EUROP

eu Flag_of_Germany Aluman


Double Silver LowE 2-layer thermal barrier glass, blocks 70% of heat, soundproofing - manufactured in India / DIN EN 7863 - MADE IN INDIA.

S31 ket hop Cửa trượt Aluman

The intermediate bars of the S31

middle bar Aluman sliding door

S31 with 5 different mullion variants - suitable for all designs and various levels of projects. Notably, all these mullions have a visible width of only 30mm, providing maximum minimalism for any architectural space.


Developed with the desire to provide S31 with maximum flexibility, allowing it to function both as a sliding window and a sliding door, the S31 meets all requirements for finished floor levels. Whether it's a flush level between indoors and outdoors, a differential level for balcony doors, or a raised level as in the case of windows, S31 adapts perfectly.

S31 2 ray for web Cửa trượt Aluman
S31 Floor Aluman

Sliding door with an inside-outside cos solution.

S31 window Aluman
S31 window Aluman

It can be used as a sliding window installed on a stone base.

S31 3ray Aluman

3 ray trượt

S31 front  Aluman
locking point Aluman

Multi-point lock running the full height of the door - with extendable capability

S31 3 canh 2 ray Aluman

The most diverse customization options within the same system.

cua so Aluman

S31 - Sliding window.

banh xe don Aluman

Single wheel.

"50Kg per leaf
(used for sliding windows).
Made in Europe."

eu Aluman
cua di nho Aluman

S31 - Small-sized sliding door

banh xe doi Aluman


100Kg per leaf

(used for small sliding doors)

Manufactured in Europe

eu Aluman
cua di to Aluman

S31 - Large sliding door.

banh xe doi to Aluman

Twin HD wheels

150kg per leaf

(for large sliding doors)

Made in Europe

eu Aluman
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