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Aluman Story

When we (former UK-educated individuals), ventured into the high end window industry over 12 years ago, our mindset was simple: to create the highest quality and most luxurious aluminum window and door for everyone. However, as we delved deeper and deeper into this market, a recurring question lingered in our minds: Why do the leading aluminum window brands from Germany and Europe charges customers with such high prices?

Diligently working over time, we became the primary manufacturing partners for the world's top window brands from Germany and Switzerland for over 10 years, participating in hundreds of prestigious projects nationwide. During this period, we stumbled upon a secret in the global window industry that nobody wants you to know: European suppliers for the world's major window brands could also supply to us. Not only that, all these products underwent rigorous testing and certified in Germany and Europe and were fully qualified for sale here.

We saw this as our opportunity to change the game, much like how ON outplayed Nike in the running shoe segment, or how Lululemon and Under Armour created competitive brands against Nike and Adidas in the sportswear arena, or how Lush introduced a completely new experience with shampoos and soaps compared to Bodyshop.

Aluman was created to offer window systems of the same quality and luxury as the leading brands in Germany and Europe, but at the most reasonable prices for the Asean people, and that's exactly what we do!

Our unique selling points (USPs) are akin to working with Luxottica, the manufacturing company behind numerous renowned eyewear brands from Ray-Ban to Chanel, Prada, etc. We only utilize the highest quality materials and collaborate with the most reputable suppliers in Germany and Europe, yet we cut out all the middle men and offer the most competitive prices to our customers! We believe everyone has the right to access and use such luxurious doors, and we are committed to providing the highest quality doors, best services, at the most reasonable prices!

Our customers are smart and knowledgeable men or women who understand the value of investing in quality products for their homes, and they also understand which products offer the best value for their money. We see them as individuals who want to own genuinely luxurious products while ensuring they get the best value for their money.

Our story is one of creativity, passion, and determination to provide our customers with the best products and services. We take pride in what we've accomplished, being the first provider of premium aluminum system house in Asia, and we look forward to continuing our journey of providing luxurious window and door to every home, everywhere.

Pleased to introduce,


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Hundreds of flights - tens of thousands of miles - 3 continents - 15 countries - 77 world-famous supplier partners

Is what contributed to forming Aluman

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Engineered Design from Germany.

"With the assistance of highly experienced technical teams from our German partners, we have successfully designed and integrated the entire operational and functional system of the Aluman door system to German standards, along with synchronized accessory systems. This endeavor took 5 years, involving numerous tests conducted both in Germany and Vietnam to ensure every cog interlocks seamlessly and the entire door system maintains the highest quality."

Cửa trượt nhôm Aluman hệ  nghiên cứu

Manufactured in Germany.

100% of the door accessories of the Aluman door system are manufactured in Germany and Europe, by German precision machinery and by skilled German workers. We had to work for many years with major partners in the industry to convince them to produce according to our designs and requirements to suit Vietnamese use and with the highest German quality to be able to sells products in Germany as well as anywhere in the world because the doors have met the most stringent standards and criteria in Germany. That's what we're most proud of

Quality in Every Detail.

"All hinges in the Aluman system are manufactured in Germany and come with a 10-year system-wide warranty. Each hinge in a batch undergoes a test of 200,000 open-close cycles at maximum load before being mass-produced. The most crucial aspect is the extraordinary load-bearing capacity of each hinge (up to 120kg per leaf), coupled with its three-dimensional adjustability after installation, eliminating any possibility of door sagging due to excessive weight."

concealed hinge Cửa trượt nhôm Aluman hệ Công trình

The Finest Handles from Germany.

A quality and high-end door set cannot lack a worthy handle because this is the first touch and interaction point between the user and the product. With this mindset, we have spent many years working with partners who have been specializing in manufacturing handles for more than 200 years in Germany and Switzerland to custom-produce for Aluman the highest quality and most aesthetically pleasing handles. The best aesthetic for each type of door to bring the best experience to customers. All are warranted for 10 years in all weather conditions

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"From the supplier of seals for BMW."

Are you surprised to learn that the unit producing EPDM door seals for ALUMAN is one of the main partners manufacturing door seals for BMW, MERCEDES with a history of over 160 years? It's evidence of our continuous quest for the best partners worldwide in every industry segment to deliver our best door system. All of ALUMAN's EPDM door seals are manufactured in Germany and boast the highest soundproofing, insulation capabilities, and longevity, with a 10-year warranty under all weather conditions.

nhôm Aluman hệ

Highest quality aluminum billets

All Aluman aluminum is extruded from EN-AW 6060 aluminum billet with T66 hardness (highest on the market today). This is the highest quality aluminum billet in the world and is used for door and wall profiles in Germany and Europe, with an elastic modulus of 70Gpa. All Aluman aluminum is extruded at the largest factories in Southeast Asia, is 80 years old and all meets German DIN-EN certification.

"The highest-grade bridge and thermal insulation core"

Aluminum is a material with numerous advantages such as being lightweight, durable, having good load-bearing capacity, and offering various options for paint colors and surface finishes. However, it also has a drawback: aluminum is a thermal conductor. Therefore, aluminum profiles heat up quickly in summer and cool down rapidly in winter, which can be inconvenient for users. To minimize this heat transfer, thermal insulation is added between the inner and outer layers of the aluminum profile (using plastic) and thermal insulation cores (using EPS material), which help significantly slow down this heat transfer process. All thermal insulation and insulation cores for Aluman aluminum doors are imported from Germany by world-leading partners with over 100 years of experience in thermal insulation for metals.

nhôm Aluman hệ cầu

The best paint in the world

"Recognizing the importance of high-quality surface finishes, Aluman collaborates with major and renowned paint suppliers worldwide to offer its customers thousands of options for paint colors. All paints used for Aluman doors are imported from Germany and come with a surface warranty of at least 15 years (customers can request a 20-year surface warranty if needed). The paint suppliers for Aluman have all surpassed European standards (QualiCoat) or American standards (AAMA) for warranty under the most extreme weather conditions while ensuring color longevity."

best paint nhôm Aluman hệ sơn tĩnh điện
lockng points nhôm Aluman hệ khoá đa điểm

Thousands of locking points.

"With a multi-point locking system and adjustable lock points, each door in the Aluman ecosystem is designed with the flexibility to include as many lock points as the customer desires. This maximizes the security of each door, which is why Aluman doors meet the German RC2 anti-burglary standard."

keo nhôm Aluman hệ

Corner connectors adhesive from Germany

Aluman aluminum doors are designed using the most secure corner connection technology according to German standards where every connection corner is covered with 3 types of glue produced in Germany and has a 10-year warranty. This is completely different from other aluminum doors in Vietnam where all corner joints are used with springs, jumpers, and presses without understanding that the aluminum corner connection must be through structural glue. And that's why we only use the best glues in the world for Aluman doors

Super wheels for sliding doors

"Aluman always seeks the essence and the best from around the world for its door systems. One seemingly simple detail is the sliding door wheels, with a load-bearing capacity of 450kg per leaf with just 2 wheels, which few companies worldwide can achieve. With this load-bearing capacity, while ensuring the smoothest, quietest, and most seamless door movement, only one or two top companies in the world can demonstrate such excellence. All of these qualities are reflected in Aluman's sliding door systems."

roller_family-2000  nhôm Aluman hệ

Or without wheels?

"As ultra-thin sliding door systems rise in prominence, with doors reaching heights of 6-7m and widths of 3m weighing thousands of kilograms, traditional load-bearing wheel solutions become inadequate. As the world advances rapidly in technology, so do we. The entire counterweight sliding system implemented in the Airea51 Aluman ultra-thin sliding doors is the same system installed in the Hyperloop super-fast train by the US in the UK. Once again, the most advanced and prestigious technologies are right at your fingertips."

no wheel nhôm Aluman hệ

Aluman's operating philosophy

"Do more than talk - No noisy advertising - For those whose know."


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