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The PLM folding mosquito net system is the most economical solution for keeping mosquitoes out.


PLM2 mosquito-resistant Aluman

The PLM manual folding mosquito net system from Aluman is an essential solution for small door sets!

- PLM effectively prevents mosquitoes and insects
- PLM is cost-effective
- PLM is aesthetically pleasing
- PLM offers 2 modes in 1 system

Mosquito-resistant Aluman section of PLM
PLM 1 mosquito-resistant Aluman

Appropriate Sizes

Mosquito-resistant Aluman fabric in PLM size

The PLM system is capable of covering waiting areas with an area of up to 9m2 (3m per side). This size is suitable and sufficient for small door locations.


PLM size combined Aluman mosquito screen

PLM is a folding mosquito net system - therefore, it does not have a box, so one mosquito net set is only composed of 2 vertical bars. This allows for endless combinations of doubling, tripling, or even quadrupling the nets. 

In fact, for waiting areas larger than 10m wide, PLM is the only mosquito net solution in the world that can provide complete coverage.


PLM has the ability to combine 2 modes in 1 curtain rail - mosquito repellent mode and sunshade or full blackout mode. This allows architects and investors to be more flexible in arranging interior furnishings and functionality.

Using only the highest quality curtain fabric.

PLM fabric mosquito-resistant Aluman

100% of the privacy curtain fabric in the PLM system has a 100% waterproof capability, along with a 100% light-blocking ability or 70% light-filtering opacity. Therefore, PLM can be completely used outdoors.

PLM fabric 2 mosquito-resistant Aluman fabric

All mosquito-proof fabrics in the PLM system are made from Polyester Woven Fabric, providing the highest durability and strength compared to systems that use PET mesh, which are prone to tearing and unraveling.

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