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DW50 window

DW50 window

DW50 window is the best non-thermal break window system you can find on the market with triple layers gaskets, multipoint locking system, heat and noise dampening core, as well as beatifully design handle

1. Entrance Door


hat is an entrance door ?

DW50 door system can be used as an entrace door, the main access door to a building because it offers top-notch technology to control people and grant access without using any key. 

With ALuman Entrance Door, you can:

1. Open using biometric fingerprint

2. Open using a smartphone app anywhere in the world

3. Telecommunication with guest via intercom webcam

4. Grant access to guests via sms

It will make you rethink all of your predefined ideas about what an entrance door should be

2. Balcony Door

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